Providing guests 60,000 square feet of “funtastic” amenities, as well as a festive, welcoming and safe environment, PINZ is the premier entertainment destination in the Los Angeles region for celebrities, families, kids and adults of all ages. In addition to its 32 state-of-the-art bowling lanes each with runner lights and 32” automatic scoring monitors with 3D graphics, a new lane machine lets PINZ create a variety of lane conditions, from fun and casual to sport-oriented and professional. PINZ also offers a VIP billiards room, a private lounge, and a full-service food and beverage experience. Finally, the venue has an extensive arcade featuring: many hot new titles, such as Jurassic Park and Star Wars; popular games like Guitar Hero and Dance Revolution; the latest car and boat racing games; adrenaline-pumping shooters where players must “zap” a Terminator, or “blast” a spider or dinosaur; basketball; classic titles like Pac-Man; and, four pinball machines and other scarce games.

As part of its effort to stay modern, PINZ recently completed a $250,000 revitalization of all of its lanes. Manufactured by QubicaAMF out of Richmond, the brand-new lanes offer premium bowling conditions for bowlers of all levels.

Highly versatile, PINZ provides different atmospheres for different types of events and crowds. One moment, PINZ is a traditional bowling center, ideal for leagues and tournaments. The next, it is a hip night club with glow-in-the-dark lanes, disco balls, strobe lights and the latest pop music.

At PINZ, it’s 72 degrees and sunny 365 days a year, making it an ideal destination for hot days, cold nights and everything in between.

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